The Unnamed

****Part 1. (Originally posted Feb 6, 2009-Revised Mar 12, 2011)****

Everything had been dark. Suddenly there was the cool caress of rain on his skin. Then the confusion set in.

“Where am I?” he asked himself,”How did I get here? Why does this place smell of burnt, rotting flesh, and smoke?”

Then he glanced around. The ground was soaked with rain and blood, as were his hands and most of his body. It was then he notice that he had changed quite a bit. He did not know where he got the armor he was wearing, nor how his body had become so lean and muscular. It was as he looked at his new body that he noticed that he was standing atop a mound of bodies. The horror on their faces and the fact that  he was the only one standing only furthered his confusion.
Then he saw a flash of stars,  then darkness ……….

When he awoke his body felt lighter, his head hurt, and he was no longer wet and caked with blood and gore. The man stood to stretch his legs and to take in his surroundings. He was in a large tent, And noticed that the framework that holds up the canvas, also formed a cell.  Upon the wooden frame-work of the cage, runes had been carved. The runes glowed with a soft blue light, and radiated energy.  When he went to touch them, blueish white lightning  arced from it and gave the man a nasty jolt.

“Won’t be doing that again.” He said, shaking the numbness from his fingers.

Something about this cage disturbed him. He felt different from before, like something was missing. After the ordeal with the runes he continued to scan his new accommodations. There was a stool, and a cot. There was also a small table on one end with a tankard of ale, and a plate with a hunk of venison and a bit of bread. He admitted that at least he was being treated better than most prisoners would be. He continued around the cage, until he reached the door, or so he thought was the door. There looked to be a frame, but there was no lock, no opening mechanism, or even any type of restraints to keep the thing closed. He dare not try to open the door for it was covered in the same runes as the rest of the cage. He then noticed that there was some sort of design painted on the ground of the cage. The design extended beyond the walls of the room, so he could not make out what the design formed.

“Ah, your awake.” said a female voice.

The man spun on his heels startled by the voice. Then he stood speechless looking at the woman, who stood on the other side of the so-called door. What he saw was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen, or could remember at least. The woman stood almost six-foot tall, she had long brown hair, pulled into a loose pony tail,that hung down to the middle of her back. She wore on her face two stripes of light blue paint that extended from the inside of each eye and widened as it swiped down to the bottom of her jaws, and a small triangle in the middle of her brow. But her most striking feature were her eyes. For one was an Emerald green and the other was a pale blue. Each shone as brilliant as a perfectly cut gem. She was adorn in stainless steel plate armor, that had gold trim, that swirled on her chest into the head of a  roaring lion. On her back was a two-handed sword, the blade was a darker shad of gray than her armor, but shone just a brilliant. The edge of her blade was trimmed in gold and running down the blade were glowing yellow runes.

“Now then, my question is, did you let us capture you, or did we, by some fortune of the gods, actually catch you unaware?” She said sarcastically. “Funny…with out your arms and armor, you look rather puny.”

“Who the hell are you, and how the hell did I get here?” the man asked, agitated that someone would openly mock him.

“Hm, don’t feign ignorance. You know exactly who I am.” she spoke as a scowl formed on her face.

“Uh, no…No I don’t. I have no idea who you are, I have no idea where I am, i have no idea how I got here, I don’t even know who I……”

Mid-sentence, he finally realized that he had no recollection of who he was, and it hit him like a blow from a maul.

“I…I…don’t even know who I am!”

****Part 2. (Originally posted Feb 7, 2009- revised Mar 12,2011)****

“Heh, your stupid  games will not work on me.” she chuckled.

“I’m not playing games!” the man growled.

“I do not believe you, but my companion will find out whether you’re lying or not.” she said matter of factly, as she turned and left.

The man went and sat on his cot, put his head in his hands and tried to remember what had transpired the past few days, but to no avail. It was almost a half hour after the mysterious woman had left, when he heard two people talking outside of his tent prison.

“Now Zell, if he continues to keep up this act, do not be gentle in the retrieval of the information I seek.”

It was the voice of the woman from before. The man thought, great now I’m going be tortured for information I don’t even have, or remember having. Then a man with a deep but soothing voice, masked with wisdom answered back.

“You do realize the risk that I am taking, correct. One slip up and you will have to replace me. So anything I do in there will have to be gentle. But fear not, I will get the information that you seek. Even if it takes me multiple tries.”

Then the flap of the tent swung open and standing at the door was a man. The man was tall and slender. He looked almost emaciated, but it was because the man was all lean muscle, not an ounce of fat was on his body. His bald head and what he could see of the man’s chest was covered in tribal tattoos. Floating around his head were small opaque colored stones.  They looked like 3 multi-colored flies swarming around his head.

Mid way through his inspection of the bald-headed man, a force entered his mind. It felt like a worm wiggling through his thoughts, but in a blink of an eye it was over. He shook his head and cast a confused look at the bald man, who was turning to leave. The flap to the tent closed and he heard the bald man and the woman whispering about something. Even in their hushed tones, he could tell that the woman was not pleased with what the bald man had to say. Suddenly the flap to the tent flew open and the woman came into view.

“My companion, Zell, just confirmed what you have said, but I still think that you are trying to fool us. So untill I can figure out what you are up to, or you stop this ruse, you will remain here. So make yourself comfortable.” Then she turn and left, stomping off.

The man walked over and laid down on his cot to ponder his situation and try to sort things out. He laid there thinking and listening to what was going on outside. Every once in a while he would hear a horse walk by or a soldier clad in armor clank by. Slowly he drifted into sleep.

The darkness faded. Then  there was the screaming and maniacal laughter, but the laughter came from him. He held his hand up in front of his face, in his hand was the head of a young man, couldn’t have been older than 15, barely old enough to fight. Laying at his feet was the boy’s body. He then tossed the head to the side, where it was quickly scooped up by a ghoul. The ghoul took the head over to a near by building, where he squatted and began to gnaw on it. He glared at the ghoul. The ghoul then yelped, dropped the head and ran forward. Following the ghoul, to make sure it was going where it was supposed to, lead him to the action up ahead. A great battle took place in front of him. One of human versus undead.
There was movement off to his left, then from behind an overturned wagon charged a man brandishing a sword and a shield. He closed in and swung his sword. With a flash, his lunge was parried and then with another flash his shield and the left side of his body was cleaved in two.
He laughed triumphantly, standing there with a sword in each hand and a halved man laying at his feet. Running from the building to his right was a small girl. He lifted his arm, with his hand out stretched, fingers apart, and said,”Where do you think you are going little one?” Purplish Black lightning bolts flew from his fingers tangled themselves around the girl’s torso and neck, then yanked her off the ground and back towards him.The girl flew into his grasp, and he clamped his hand around her delicate neck.
“Sorry, little one.” he spoke, “But no one is to survive.”
The girls eyes rolled back in her head, and her body began to waste away.

He then woke up screaming. He was soaked in a cold sweat and tears running down his cheeks. He realized it was a dream, but that didn’t help him feel better, or make it feel any less real.

****Part 3 (Originally posted Feb 20, 2009-revised Mar 14, 2011)****

“Well that was certainly interesting.” Zell said, startling the caged man.

The man, sitting up in his cot, panting as if he had just ran several miles, looked at the bald man.

“What?” He gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

“Your dream, or nightmare rather. It was interesting to say the
least.” Zell clarified his previous statement. “What do you suppose it

“How do you know what I was dreaming about?”, the man asked.

“I can see anything that happens in your mind, even when you are asleep.”

“So that was you yesterday? It felt as if I had worms crawling around inside my head. Was very strange.” informed the man.

“Yes, sorry about that. I usually don’t delve into the thoughts and
memories of others, but it was required to confirm your claims.
Anyways, I figured you would like some company. Well from someone who
won’t berate you. So what shall we call you?”

“Well, apparently you know me from before I lost my memory. What did you call me then?” He asked.

“Death on the Battle Field… Your kind really does not go by names.”

“My kind? What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Well, we won’t really get into that right now. Hm…How about Nyhm? Yes, you look like a Nyhm.”

“It’s as good as any. I suppose. So, what’s gonna happen to me?”

“Well, I’m not too sure. That would be up to Kara, the beautiful young lady that spoke with you earlier. She still does not believe that you have lost your memories. She believes that this is a trick. But I know, for the moment at least, you are telling the truth. You may be here for a while. She has ordered me to delve deeper into your mind to try to find out your motives and why you let yourself caught.”

“Well I really didn’t let myself get caught. All I remember is having a dream where I was in the middle of a battle, and i was standing on a mound of bodies. Then waking up here after that. I mean you can probe my head, but that’s about all you’re going to get.”

“That maybe true, but sometimes memories lie behind a subconscious barrier. Which is what I have run into with you. If you should get these memories back, you may return to what you were before, and that is the worry that Kara faces now. It is a hard decision. We could let you go, and you could be fine for years, but something could cause those memories to be unlocked and then you would be free to continue your crusade for the Shade King Marduk. Anyways, how are you feeling, are you hungry? I’ve noticed you haven’t touched any of the food the guards have brought you.”

“I am hungry, but I cannot bring myself to eat. I know I should eat it, but the food is tasteless and doesn’t seem to curve my hunger any.”

“Strange. I will have a medic come look at you, it has been cold and wet. Perhaps you are coming down with something. In the mean time rest, and I will continue to prod Kara to make a decision on what we are to do with you.”

With that Zell walked off. Nyhm, he found he liked that name, was left in a storm of confusion.

What did he mean, what I was before? Was what I was before that bad?  Bad enough to keep me locked up, even if I have no recollection of my past?

Nyhm turned from his current thoughts and went to the plate of food that was brought earlier for breakfast. He forced himself to eat. And again he found it tasteless, and did nothing to stave off his hunger. After finishing his meal, he laid back down.

****Part. 4(Originally posted Feb 23, 2009-Revised Mar 20, 2011)****

“WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!!!!” a voice yelled.

Nyhm, who had just drifted into sleep, jumped out of his cot. He could hear the screams and the clash of battle. He paced frantically around his jail desperate to know what was happening outside. The flap to his tent opened and Zell stepped up to the door. Placing his hand on the door and muttering a few words the door swung open.

“Quickly, we must get you out of here.” Zell spoke.

“What, why? Whats going on?” Nyhm asked.

“They are here to free you, but you do not want to go with them. Trust me.”

“Ok, well let’s go.”

Nyhm exited the cage and took a quick glance around. There were bodies strewn everywhere. Most of them wearing a standard, which Nyhm assumed were the soldiers inhabiting the camp he was in. The other bodies were wearing rusty, beaten up armor. The strangest thing was that they had been dead way before the battle had begun.

“This way Kara is waiting with the others at the edge of the clearing, the rest of the men will finish up here.” Zell said has he started his way through the tent city.

Nyhm followed Zell through the zig zagging pathways between the tents. He had no idea where they were going, it all looked the same to him. Nyhm was thankful that someone had come and gotten him, because he is sure he would have ended up going in circles. There was a snarl from one of the side paths and a blur hit Zell from the left. Zell laid unconscious at the feet of the thing that attacked him. It turned to face Nyhm, and what Nyhm saw horrified him.

Standing in front of him was a man, or what was left of one. He looked as if he was nothing more than bone and skin. His bottom jaw was missing, and his tongue was left to hang. There were no eyes in their sockets, just glowing orbs. Then it spoke.

“Come Master, you can leave now.” it said, but not through voice, but in thought.

“What are you talking about, I’m not your master.” Nyhm said, “What did you do to Zell!”

“This fleshling has been rendered unconscious. We must be quick, Master, we were able to make a dent in their defenses, but they are regrouping.”

“Once again, I am not your master. I have nothing to do with you, and I’m not going with you.”

“Hhm, I see, so this is how you were able to be captured. Guess I will have to deal with you then.”

The monster drew his weapon and began to walk toward Nyhm. He knew with the speed that that thing had hit Zell, it could easily out run him. So that wasn’t an option. Nyhm looked around for a weapon, there was a dead soldier laying on the ground beside him weapon still in hand. The thing was almost on him, Nyhm knew he had to do something quick. The monster lunged at him. Nyhm stomped on the hilt of the sword lying in the dead soldiers hand. Using the soldier’s hand like a fulcrum the sword launched upward, Nyhm caught it, and with one swipe cut the beings sword hand off and gripped it by the throat.

“I see you retained some of your skill.” The monster said, then the orbs in his eyes flickered.

Nyhm felt a surge of energy rush through his body, all of his weakness, hunger, and tiredness vanished, and then the monster was dead.

Nyhm heard a moan up ahead, he dropped the monster and went into a defensive stance.

“Ah, What happened?” Zell said has he rose to his feet, and trying to rub the pain out of his head.

“You were attacked by this thing. Then it tried to convince me that I was its master and that it had come to free me. But when I said otherwise, it turned on me.” Nyhm explained.

“Interesting. We should go, Kara will be waiting. I need to tell her this information….Oh, and thanks for saving my life, that thing would have surely killed me if it had dealt with you.”

Zell and Nyhm walked for a few more minutes. The sound of battle rang all around them. They finally broke through the maze of tents to the edge of the clearing. Standing at the edge of the woods was Kara, who was brandishing her sword in one hand. Her and her blade were blood soaked, that and the look of rage on her face, made for a terrifying image. With her were three others, one human, a Felos, and a Grassrunner.
Felos are a race of humanoid cats. They are known for their fury, and also for their stalking abilities. Most Felos are end up either fighters, bounty hunters, or rogues.
Grassrunners are a short humanoid race. They look like smaller versions of humans except they have rabbit like ears. They are called Grassrunners, because their races natural home are the grassy plains and for their speed. Almost all Grassrunners are rogues or archers.

“Took you long enough.” Kara scolded Zell.

“Yes, I apologize. We were held up.” Zell replied.

“Why does he have a weapon.” she turned to the Felos, “Go disarm him and bind his hands.”

“Yes, ma’am.” the Felos answered.

“I really think that’s not necessary. He saved my life, that is why he has the sword. We were attacked and I was rendered unconscious. If it weren’t for his quick thinking we would both be dead.” Zell said stepping in between the Felos, and Nyhm.”Besides, we may need an extra set of arms.”

The tall black Felos turned back to Kara for further instructions.

“Very well Zell. You have not steered me wrong in the past. I will trust you this one time, but he is your responsibility. DO NOT, let me regret this decision. But he will need better weapons.”

Kara then removed a roll of cloth that was slung across her back and threw them at Nyhm’s feet. Nyhm picked up the cloth and unrolled it, in side were three swords. The smallest two were identical longswords, and the largest could be classified as either a two-handed sword or a short spear. The two hander had a handle long enough that a man could fit 5 hands on the grip, and the blade was 4 feet long, curved and covered in purple glowing runes. The blade itself was black as night, and the edge was polished steel. In the bottom of the was a glowing purple gem. The gem, upon closer inspection, looked as if it contained a swirling glowing purple cloud. The sword had its own sheath so Nyhm slung it over his back and then inspected the long swords. As soon as he looked at the  long swords, a flash hit him….It was the sword he used to split the man in two in his dream.

He gazed at them from the cliff overlooking the camp.

“Sir, they are getting away shall I send the reapers after them?” the man, or what use to be a man, said in a raspy voice.

“No.” The man said, his voice echoed as he spoke as if he and another being talked at the same time. “I have gotten what I came for. I have found out how he was captured, and the fact that he is slowly gaining his memory back will help us more if he is in their presence. We will finally be able to crush the Redhawks. Now then, recall the troops, we retreat back to the Spire of Blood.”

“Yes, master.”

  1. Charles says:

    more please.

  2. crystal vallandingham says:

    How dare you start another story. Now, I’m hooked on both, and I’ll get the events mixed up. (except for the zombie fish) 😛

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