Jon reached over and turned his alarm off. He sat up on the edge of his bed and wiped the sleep from his eyes, and scratches his unkempt beard. He then flipped on the TV and picked up his bottle of bourbon…empty.  He threw the bottle and turned to watch the angry beavers that were on the TV. After a few minutes he opened his journal and started the entry for the day….

March 5th, year 2350

Starting the day just like yesterday….and the day before…..

Hung over and no bourbon….

He turned from his journal and continued to watch tv., when he was suddenly blinded by a bright blue light.

“Dammit, EVA! You can’t just pop up on me like that in the mornings, Jesus!” Jon bitched.

“I am sorry sir, but an important message has just come in from Captain Stark.” Eva apologized in her robotic female voice.

“Ok, Show me.” Jon ordered.

The blue light in front of Jon was actually a holographic projection of a female. She morphed from an attractive woman into an aged gray-haired man with a mustache, wearing a USSMC Officers uniform.

“Jon, I know your opinion of the military isn’t the greatest right now. But I need you to come to the Atlantis and talk with me. I have an assignment that might get you back in. I’ve already programmed the coordinates to the Atlantis in EVA’s star charts; I will see you in 3 hours.”

“Ah, what the fuck do they want to do to me now?” Jon exclaimed. “Where we headed to EVA?”

Jon then turned to add this new development into his journal.

“Sir, I don’t know why you insist on inputting your log on to that old antique Alienware laptop computer. You could easily dictate your log and I would record it on my database.” EVA informed.

“I am aware of that EVA. Now are you going to answer me or not?” Jon asked growing impatient.

“It seems the Atlantis is orbiting a planet in the Cerberus Cluster.” She answered.

“Hmmm, That’s pretty deep into rebel territory. Wonder why they would risk going there?” Jon questioned. “Oh well, we will find out shortly. Guess I better go clean up.”

Jon got up from his bed and headed to his bedroom door. It slid open to reveal the metallic interior of the rest of the ship. Jon was fascinated with the Tech Age. His personal quarters were decorated with antiques from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Everything in his room was from that era, right down to his antique Alienware laptop to his prized tube tv. So when he stepped through he portal it was like he had just passed through a time warp.

Jon hopped in the shower looked at the ragged man he is and sighed.

“I’m not sure I want back in now.”

Jon replayed the scene that unfolded on Chiron. It was supposed to be a routine recon op. Command said it was logistics recon, to see what supplies the enemy had. What it was, was suicide. Command sent them in as bait to draw the enemy out, when that happened they dropped bombs right on them, didn’t even radio it in to Jon’s team. Just dropped them right on top of them. Almost all of Jon’s team didn’t survive. Jon made it back to his shuttle with what was left of his team and made it back to the ship. When he went to command to get answers, the only thing he found was a dishonorable discharge. They pinned the whole indecent on him. Said he lead his team into the ambush, and it was his fault for not ordering a retreat when command informed him bombers where in route.

“Sir, I have started docking procedures. We will be docked with the Atlantis in 10 minutes.” Eva informed.

“Ok, let’s get this over with.”


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